You don’t always get what you pay for

Read this and let it sink in,

A divided U.N. General Assembly committee approved a resolution Thursday expressing “serious concern” about reports of widespread human rights violations in North Korea.

The vote on the resolution, sponsored by the European Union, was 84 in favor, 22 against, and 62 abstentions, a reflection of the deep split in the world body over the broad issue of human rights and the narrower one of how to tackle abuses.

So, to the AP “84 votes against/no opinion� shows a ‘deep split as to how to tackle human rights abuses’?

If starving and murdering your own citizens doesn’t seem to be something that should be classified as “Wrong� to half of the UN, just why do we even give them a dime?

UN Ambassador Bolton said that there wouldn’t be much of a loss if the UN Building lost ten floors. I contend that if hell itself opened up, swallowed the building whole and then closed up again, we could actually call that a plus since Manhatten would have space for a brand spanking new parking garage.

Found via the Freewill Blog

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