Nat’l Ammo Day – Silent Reprise

I did my part


As I made my way to my local Wal.Mart, I set in my mind that I was going to buy as much .380ACP and .45ACP in the White Box Value Packs as I could and then round the dollar amount up with whatever 22LR they had in-stock.

I first went to the DVD section on my way to the back counter and found both of my celluloid selections.Then I hit the ammo counter.

You remember my plan? Well, it went all to hell.

My excuse is that I am still gathering my equipment so as to start reloading .308Win for Barak but time, money and shipping times have decided that I will be waiting until after Christmas (BTW, if you have the urge to want to get me something for Christmas, I’ll direct you to my MidwayUSA wishlist).

Ergo, I am a bit low on ammo for Barak and finding his favorite food, the 168gr Sierra HPBT match ammo, from most of my online sources is becoming difficult and the places that do have it want a premium for it. And forget his second favorite, the 155gr Sierra.

So imagine my surprise when Wally World had a case of it!

So, in total, I bought the Renton, Washington Wal-Mart (locally known as Mogadishu-Mart) out of their Federal Gold Medal Match .308Win and also their entire stock of .380ACP, which I was also getting dangerously low on. The 22LR additions were because the store actually had them in-stock instead of just the Remington boxes of 525 that the 10/22 refuses to eat and the 22/45 barely gets by with.

So I guess my 2005 Ammo Day was more quality over quantity or possibly just sheer desperation.

In what could be considered good news/bad news, the “Sporting Goods� department (as the sign says) was just plain too busy for the girl to even notice my choice in movies or care about what I was going to do with 200 rounds of match grade .308. One guy was buying a new shotgun and then there were two guys in front of me in line at the counter and three behind me with a fourth showing up when I grabbed my bags and walked off.

All in all, a very good day indeed.

Let the Gun Guy know what you did here so that he can keep track of the round count.

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One Response to Nat’l Ammo Day – Silent Reprise

  1. David says:

    Awww, hims has a cuute widdle .380!

    OTOH, you can probably hit anything you want with it at twice the range the wife & I can hit things with our nines and .357s, so I’ll just shut up now…

    In high school we all “discovered” Forsyth’s excellent novel the Dogs of War, and I had a buddy who thereafter seriously decided that his career goal was to be a mercenary. I’m pretty sure he went into the Rangers right after graduating, so maybe he ended up as a merc….

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