Ready, Set, GO!

The race begins for Kahr P380s, now legal in California. At SHOT I was jazzed to learn from a helpful Kahr booth-person that the P380 would be officially added to the California handgun roster in June 2010. But it just got added to the roster THREE DAYS AGO.


Here’s the problem: what the Kahr person meant to say was that a Kahr P380 with the identical model number, but with the California-required magazine disconnect and loaded-chamber-indicator “features,” would begin shipping in June 2010.

At left is a pic of the Kahr PM9 with the LCI clearly visible on the top of the slide behind the chamber port; apparently they managed to squeeze that into the 380, no mean feat.

Where that leaves those of us who want a Kahr P380 NOW is running around the state trying to find a dealer with a “featureless” Kahr P380 in stock who’s willing to sell it to us. C’mon, buddy, it’s legal, it’s on the list….

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