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Horse ‘n’ Buggy

For Boomershoots past, I’ve packed my Toyota Tacoma pickup to the gills. That’s fine when it’s just me. But this year, I’ve got a passenger — the Packing Rat — and all his gear, as well as a spare shooting … Continue reading

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The teacher’s unions and their mouthpieces have repeatedly put the education of children second to “The System”. You might call it the Obama-Duncan-Gates-Rhee philosophy of education reform. Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder turned full-time philanthropist, visited The Post last week … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 03/31/09

A two-fer! One short. One long. Same topic. #1 It’s wrong for you to steal from me; and getting 52 million of your friends together to to vote on it and say it’s OK, doesn’t make it so. Chris Byrne … Continue reading

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No, the asphalt won’t have a blend

Of seven herbs and spices. Everybody needs a little KFC. But maybe not Chicago. The fast-food chain has sent off a letter to the nation’s mayors, offering to patch their potholes for free. The company will leave behind a stenciled … Continue reading

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Was that a bell ringing

Nope, it was this guy’s balls clanging together as he walked up the beach. After almost 3,000 miles of rowing, bouts of seasickness, equipment failure and salt sores, Paul Ridley is back on land. On day 88, Ridley, 25, completed … Continue reading

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