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Here’s the D.C. Plaintiffs

From a Gun Rights Examiner article about the D.C. lawsuit just filed by Calguns and SAF: Tracey Ambeau Hanson (her gun was rejected because it’s the wrong color) and Paul and Gillian St. Lawrence.   Thank you, folks! 35 million … Continue reading

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Calguns Foundation on Offense, Files Suit in D.C.

Remember when D.C., after Heller, adopted huge chunks of California’s firearm laws — including the Roster of “safe” handguns — on the assumption that they were Constitutionally sound? Well, in conjunction with Alan Gura and the Second Amendment Foundation, this … Continue reading

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Breaking News in California: UPDATED

In a matter of hours, Calguns will have some very interesting news for residents of our benighted state. Part of the tease is the below photo. These are apparently recently and LAWFULLY (!!!) transferred assault pistols semi-auto handguns. (That’s California … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 03/09/09

In an update to this post from last week, on the subject of liberals not understanding the idea of “Going Galt” continues. Though it now seems to be getting popular among the liberal blogs. Not that they are going to … Continue reading

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Data Check

One of the principle arguments for turning the nation upside down with a single-payer/socialized medicine program is the whine that “Over 50% of American bankruptcies are caused by medical expenses.” Nice line. Pulls the heartstrings and causes a need to … Continue reading

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There really is no other word that can accurately describe 34% of the US population. George Lakoff, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, recently stated that “the moral mission of government is simple: no one can earn … Continue reading

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Unequal Protection

When The Wife and I bought our home back in November we took a look at the papers during the closing signing. When we saw how much we’d be paying in interest over the course of the loan we made … Continue reading

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