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Oh, Shiiiiit….

China’s wanting to dump the dollar as the world’s (and its) reserve currency.

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The What, Where, and How

Rustmeister got his fisk on all over some jackhole in the Sun-Sentinel named Gary Stein who flatly stated “Nothing Good Comes From A Gun”. (and I’m not linking to Stein’s crap) Stein asserts that because he never hears of anyone … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 03/23/09

You’ll remember this piece from the end of last month about the Harvard Law School held a conference in which they analyzed the “Free Market Mindset” and found that those who hold such beliefs are “psychologically troubled”. One of the … Continue reading

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They have it backwards

But hey, we are talking about the WaPo after all. Countertop points to an article in Saturday’s Post on the subject of the District of Columbia getting an elected Representative in the House, a flatly unconstitutional bit of legislation, while … Continue reading

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Executive Notes

Hello, Ulthar here. Sorry to interrupt things at a human website but I have to vent a bit and I thought that this might be a good place to do so. Anyway, it seems as though my Chief of Staff … Continue reading

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