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The Goal

Gene Hoffman ruminates on his 10,000th Calguns post and tells us where this is all gonna lead: Quote: Originally Posted by YoungGun2 “No, son”, says the Old Bull, “let’s walk down there and f**k them all.” FA, SBR, MP5, folding … Continue reading

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Because it is true. And kind of sad all at the same time. Pic by DarkEden – Found via Insty

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They’ve been practicing

I’ve written about Jonathon Porritt before. I think he is a disgusting, hypocritical creature. A report on his words from the day before yesterday. Porritt, one of Gordon Brown’s leading green advisers, is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast

The leftosphere freaks out over a Republican Rep from Minnesota who states that she wants her constituents to be mentally “armed and dangerous” in their opposition to President Obama’s Cap & Trade nation-killer plan. I want people in Minnesota armed … Continue reading

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