More Fun In The Snow

With Professor Booty.


As I mentioned yesterday, my students come from far and wide and a goodly number of them have never seen snow live and in person. They’ve seen it in movies and on the television, but that is about it.

Seeing as how these girls have international modeling aspirations, they need to be instructed on what I like to call ‘Snow Etiquette’, for they never know when they might get an assignment where they will be called upon to be snow bunnies.

I basically get the girls who have snow experience and pair them up with one who has none. Unfortunately, due to OTI management concerns about legal liability, I have had to discontinue the topless snowball fight instruction that used to conclude each class. Frostbite on the exposed extremities can be an ugly thing, even though I never had a single case during my time here (the secret to my success in that arena had been to schedule Hottubbing Class directly afterwards).

But we still have a good time. For example, here is one of my exchange students, Ms. Wasinagi from Okinawa, trying to learn to make snow angels. It took a few attempts, but she eventually got it down.

I’ll be back with more holiday shenanigans next week. See you all then.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    The photo editors must have airbrushed the bejus out of Ms. Wasinagi’s photo. Naked in the snow should have her sporting goose bumps big enough to cast individual shadows, but there are none.

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