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So stupid it hurts

Joe Huffman finds an article from Philidelphia PA that is very, very frightening (subscription req’d). “If you get caught carrying a gun, you should automatically do time. Mandatory. No trial. Just like when you get caught driving without a license.” … Continue reading

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She’s right, you know

Karol at Alarming News makes an excellent point on the Shiavo controversy now that the deal is done. So, what about the political implications of this whole situation? My Democratic friends have been happily insinuating that the Terri case may … Continue reading

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He’s right, you know

Soldiers’ next mission: Get a job A large number of members of the Oregon National Guard are returning from Iraq, About half of the latest wave of 700 returning Oregon Guardsmen didn’t have civilian jobs before they were deployed, a … Continue reading

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Traveling to Hate

If you haven’t already, swing over to FPM and take a read of this Lee Kaplan article about how the International Solidarity Movement and Bethlehem Bible College have organized to streamline their “Travel to Palestineâ€? foreign exchange student program. College … Continue reading

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Bring it on, Hombre

According to an Arizona TV station, The President of Mexico Vincente Fox is not too happy with the Minuteman Project lining up along the border and is thinking about moving the Mexican Army up to meet them. “The Mexican military … Continue reading

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Burgle Burgle

Sandy Berger is probably going to get a much lighter sentence than anyone else on the planet would for the same offence. I think that part of his sentence should include a ban on him purchasing/owning/wearing cargo pants. Maybe the … Continue reading

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Poor Old Blighty

This is truly sad UK Plans Knife Control Legislation The government announced a nationwide amnesty on knives yesterday amid growing concern about escalating violence in schools. At the weekend, delegates at the National Union of Teachers’ annual conference heard how … Continue reading

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