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Die! Bowling Pin, Die!

As I spoke about yesterday, I spent most of my Sunday at the Central Whidbey Sportsman’s Association range with RNS reader, Mike, and his wife, shooting at those dastardly bowling pins. And extreme fun was had by all! Now, to … Continue reading

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Mistruth? Misleading? Misinformed?

Just one of the above or all three? Over at the Klueless Kos Klan, contributor ‘Hunter’ informs all who stop by about the new anti-private Social Security account campign. WASHINGTON Apr 3, 2005 — A new organization created to defeat … Continue reading

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My biggest problem with the enviro lobby

Is that they don’t know what they are talking about the vast majority of the time. They may think they have the best of intentions, but their execution is horrible. Take for instance this post over at the Washington State … Continue reading

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You bet your ass, President Bush. And unlike your agency, they’re actually working. While 18 in one day may not seem like a large number in perspective, you have to remember how big of a deal the press, the gangs … Continue reading

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