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Count ANY Vote: Part Dvadtsat Pyat

Now that things have settled down here at Casa de Analog, let me fill you in on the new happenings in the selection of our latest Governor. When we last left the situation, the court case was still on hold … Continue reading

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Those Silly Liberals

With the state under Democrat control, the liberals are feeling encouraged to make up some truly stupid legal items and making me feel in the mood to tear their ideas a new asshole. For instance, homeless advocates are pushing the … Continue reading

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What Short Memories They Have

Oliver Willis: Occupation Tool uses his unending intellect to infer that because Time Magazine put Ann Coulter on the cover, the media actually leans to the right, saying “Can we just take the ‘liberal media’ meme outside behind the barn … Continue reading

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Its All About Tolerance

As we all learned yesterday from Michelle Malkin’s blog, the folks over at the Klueless Kos Klan are absolutely positive that the new Pontiff, Benedict XVI, is a Nazi. While I am not going to excuse him joining a horrible … Continue reading

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