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Specialty Pistols At ITRC 2009

My Specialty Pistols mentor, Ernie Bishop, once again participated in the International Tactical Rifle Championship — with his single-shot specialty pistol. That’s a handicap, yet out of 28 or so teams, he and his partner came in 12th. Click to … Continue reading

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Specialty Pistols

Earlier, I posted about Don Bower and his one-man crusade to extend long-range handgun accuracy to unheard-of distances. Well, the guru has his disciples! And they’re still out there, teaching novices to split bullets on angle irons at 660 yards! … Continue reading

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Gun Rods

Kevin asks if anyone uses them. I do, sort of:    That’s in the “target rifle” safe. I’ve got the .22 size and the bigger-than-.22 size, and they work fine. However the way I have the guns set up they … Continue reading

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     My first MOA Maximum handgun, handcrafted by Rich Mertz himself, fulfilling a very long-held dream….     16″ barrel sans brake, .260 Remington. Should have enough retained velocity at 700 yards to explode a boomer — we’ll see. Prior owner … Continue reading

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Rifle Surgery

Some years ago, Jim Rawles casually mentioned that he’d had the muzzles on all of his bolt-action centerfire rifles threaded to accept flash hiders like the Vortex design. I made a mental note that someday, whenever I stopped playing with … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 05/03/12 Edition

This is how I know that anyone who says “if only I could live in Mad Men time where you could pinch a girl’s ass and not get in trouble for it” is going to be way disappointed if a … Continue reading

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The jockeying for positions commenced for last year’s attendees at 6pm Pacific time this evening, and this year the RNS Crew has reserved Positions 73, 74, 75 and 76 on the West End. Oh, and Joe pointed out that Michael … Continue reading

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.30 Caliber 150-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip

Giver of Doom, a regular on the Specialty Pistols board, loves this bullet and there’s a chorus of praise from other SPers who also love it in anything from a .308 to 7.62×39 to .30-30. It’s available in a Federal … Continue reading

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Fun With A Pistol

Topstrap is a fellow Specialty Pistols member. He’s been writing about the adventures of he and his fellow long-range pistol enthusiasts at the Rayners Range in Ohio. Here’s a video worth a few thousand words:

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Leopard Kills a Mule Deer

My specialty pistols mentor Ernie Bishop went mule-deer hunting with his new 6.5 Leopard pistol built on a BAT action (drooool.) He says it was a “DRT [dead right there] Muley:” [click to embiggen] I spotted this boy at about … Continue reading

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