RNS Quote of the Day, 05/03/12 Edition

This is how I know that anyone who says “if only I could live in Mad Men time where you could pinch a girl’s ass and not get in trouble for it” is going to be way disappointed if a TARDIS shows up, because they wouldn’t pinch them back then, either, not because they are afraid of trouble but because they are afraid of girls. Exhibit A: you know what a TARDIS is.

The Last Psychiatrist brings the snark. You’ll want to read the whole insightful thing.

Many years back I realized that I no longer cared so much about comic book characters, RPGs, gaming in general, etc., because I’d much rather “level up” in real life. Thus Boomershoot, specialty pistols, losing weight, teaching myself calculus (okay, that last one’s taking a while) — anyway, you get the picture.

Some people would say that realization is the essence of “growing up.” Of course, The Last Psychiatrist’s general thesis is that modern Western society has become populated with narcissistic adult children. I really can’t disagree.

Why is this post tagged in the “By Ourselves, For Ourselves” SHTF category? Know Your Environment.

Want more? Here’s how watch ads presage incipient tyranny, a la the “labor caste” serfs from Jack London’s The Iron Heel. You’re welcome.

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  1. Bill says:

    Hey, wait…..Narcissistic adult children? Pretty much describes all of us at Boomershoot, right?

    Of course, we are narcissistic for only a couple days, then we go back to take care of our wives, families, jobs, patients, students, and clients.

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