Gun Rods

Kevin asks if anyone uses them. I do, sort of:

That’s in the “target rifle” safe. I’ve got the .22 size and the bigger-than-.22 size, and they work fine. However the way I have the guns set up they save no space. That’s not what I use them for. They really just help me think my guns won’t get scratched in a typical minor 4.0-5.0 earthquake like we have about six times a year. And so far they haven’t moved, even with just a little bit of velcro holding them vertical at the end of the rod — but that works for me!

So for Californians in earthquake country they’re cool, I suppose. I would not use them for their intended purpose as that would violate one of Dave’s Rules of Life, all of which I should write down someday. This particular rule is “Avoid storing a thing so that you must move something else out of the way to access it.”

And, of course, these rods do nothing to help store more of my first firearms loves, revolvers and specialty pistols.

  Yes, the specialty pistols safe violates the above rule. Ah! But I have a plan to remedy that; temporary violations are ok.

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