.30 Caliber 150-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip

Giver of Doom, a regular on the Specialty Pistols board, loves this bullet and there’s a chorus of praise from other SPers who also love it in anything from a .308 to 7.62×39 to .30-30.

It’s available in a Federal factory .308 load; I need to check this out.

Giver sez:

One bullet that has never let me down is Nosler’s 30 caliber, 150 grain Ballistic Tip. I’ve taken many hogs with it using a 20” .308 and a load that developed 2780 fps, and now I am having similar success in a couple of 30-30 AI Contender rifle barrels.

Complete penetration is generally the rule and not the exception, and if a hog doesn’t drop on the spot (as they often do), the blood trails are short and could be followed by even the most novice of hunters.

I took a large sow last night, and she made 25 yards downhill into a proverbial jungle of thorns, vines and scrub brush. But the blood trail was generous and told me the hog was definitely down and out.

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with wild hogs and how their heavy, mud-caked hides, layers of fat and compact anatomy can soak up an inadequate bullet like a sponge, let me assure you that these animals will definitely test a bullets mettle (pardon the pun) and performance-potential.

Indeed. Here, for example, is a story of a 100-grain .243’s failure to penetrate the fat layer on a boar.

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