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Two from Balko

First up, a prosecutor in my home state of WI is taking things a little too far, as she tries to prosecute a 6 year old boy for playing Doctor with a 5 year old girl (an obvious case of … Continue reading

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It’s a meme

I’m liking it. More here

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Somebody had to do it

The Range Idiot Song Sent by Glenn, Rangemaster Extraordinaire at Renton Fish & Game

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I don’t care how religious you are

This is Teh Funny

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A good way to spend transportation tax money

Screw light rail, never gonna happen in the Puget Sound.  Gotta improve the highways, gotta improve the flow. But how?  Money is tight, and there is little room to expand. Never fret, I have a cheap solution that will relieve … Continue reading

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In case you missed it

Because I know I did, last week, the gun-bitgots and other folks aligned with Bloomberg’s criminal enterprise, kicked off their campaign to pass federal mandatory background checks legislation (aka: the Fix Gun Checks Act). Yesterday, Congress began to look into … Continue reading

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Range Day with new rifle

So Phil and I were at the range this morning. His goal was to function fire David’s SOCOM. My goal was to zero my new 700 SPS in .308. It was all of 30 degrees out there but thankfully no … Continue reading

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When The Gales of November Come Early . . . .

Today we had our first really cold blast of goodbye fall, hello winter complete with high winds blowing some light snow flurries almost horizontal. For some reason I thought of this event from 36 years ago and was reminded that … Continue reading

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America’s Churchill

I was about to write a post about the parallels when I found someone had beat me to it. And done a fantastic job, too. I don’t see Gingrich as the likely GOP candidate, but by God, if he got … Continue reading

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Six Months In

In May of this year I came upon the novel idea of learning a hobby that I had always wanted to attempt but never had the wherewithal to attempt: Learning to play a musical instrument. My employer currently reimburses me for … Continue reading

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