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Need to work on take-offs & landings

But I could totally see using this to get to work everyday

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Gotta buy me one

This is so many kinds of awesome!  via Facebook

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Boeing makes a second 787 line in SC.  Boeing threatens to move new 737 line to “somewhere else”.  Boeing now has a shiny new 4-yr contract with the strike happy IAM a full 10 months before the old one runs out, … Continue reading

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This ain’t Wisconsin

When the building is closed for business for they day, you need to get your ass out. And it looks like the “landings” weren’t all that soft. Toll in 2 days at Capitol: $12K in costs, 6 Troopers and 1 … Continue reading

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How Hip Hop could have saved America

Wise Hip Hop adage: Never trust a big butt and a smile See @ 1:47 Case in point If only the people of Massachusetts would have listened.

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