This ain’t Wisconsin

When the building is closed for business for they day, you need to get your ass out.

And it looks like the “landings” weren’t all that soft.

Toll in 2 days at Capitol: $12K in costs, 6 Troopers and 1 state worker injured

The toll in the first two days of the Legislature’s emergency budget session:

  • Six troopers and one state employee hurt in scuffles with protesters.
  • Fifteen arrests, and at least six demonstrators hit with shocks from troopers’ stun guns.
  • $12,000 in overtime costs for troopers on Monday alone and $8,200 for their first-day travel to Olympia.
  • Two hearings on the budget that were held up by demonstrators.
  • Two votes taken on legislation – neither of them on the state budget that has brought lawmakers to Olympia to fix a $2 billion problem.

Demonstrators demand the gap be bridged in part with tax increases, not just with cuts to social services, schools and the like. The State Patrol says most have expressed those sentiments peacefully. But there have been confrontations with a few in the Occupy movement.

But hey, at least they weren’t pepper sprayed. That would have the beginning of the “police state”.

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  1. I love how they’re holding up budget hearings as if that some how helps solve the debt problem. [email protected]#$ing morons. I stayed up last night hoping to see the LAPD smash some stupid hippies live because watching it after the fact always means that the lead up is edited out.

    Case in point UC Davis. If I ever meet either of those officers they get a beer for doing their F’ing job. The protestors provoked a response and then acted surprised.

    My parents taught me early on about the half truths that media sell with this fantastic story out of the 60’s protests. Dad was at MIT at the time and there was a massive protest. The “non-violent” protestors attacked a researcher as he was trying to go to work at the radar labs. They beat the living crap out of him. A cop forced his way in and picked up the individual while using his baton to beat off the protesters attacking him. The image in the paper the next day was of the cop picking up the man by the scruff to pull him to safety with the protestors conveniently out of frame. That cop saved the mans life but the media portrayed him as the person who was attempting to take it.

    Half-truths are worse than all out lies in my book.

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