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You can sit on a Cray! Touch an Enigma!

From the What are America’s Quirks? thread: …seriously awesome shit that’s taken for granted. There was an aircraft carrier docked someplace we went – I can’t even remember where it was, because the aircraft carrier was the most mindboggling gigantic … Continue reading

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Donate to the Pit Team for Stache Bash — Soldiers’ Angels!

Major Chuck Ziegenfuss, who just deployed overseas, wastes no time in pushing Soldiers’ Angels’ Stache Bash — your favorite Mixed Martial Arts athletes teaming up and growing mustaches to support the troops. From now until the MMA fight on 10 … Continue reading

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Cool Tat

One of those cool agorist kids in Free State New Hampshire. It says “Liberty or Death” in latin. The skeleton is the inside cover page for the 1876 London edition of the Grey’s Anatomy book — Naomi Jeys Free State … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Paricutin?

As a child I read about a Mexican farmer witnessing the birth of a volcano as a fissure in his field. The volcano grew into a mountain that enveloped his field and an awful lot of surrounding land, as mountains … Continue reading

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