Grade Inflation

Yeah, I have to agree.  I couldn’t game my science & engineering classes so easily, but the Liberal Arts?  There were only a few that had serious professors, the rest were completely game-able.

How about you, Phil?

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3 Responses to Grade Inflation

  1. Phil says:

    Oh I see what he is talking about near the end of every quarter. This quarter I actually had a professor inflate my grade BECAUSE I hadn’t asked for it (he didn’t tell me this specifically, but it was hinted). My other professor made specific mention that my writing was better than he’d seen in a couple quarters and he too bumped my grade up a slight bit.

    If I can get a few minutes this weekend to write I’ll post it up.

  2. Rivrdog says:

    Grade inflation was pretty much unheard of in the ’60s when I took my AB degree. You couldn’t bs your way through anything, and when you wrote an essay (at least once a week in each class), the grammar, spelling and punctuation had to be perfect, or you got marked down for it.

    This was a public university, BTW.

    I’m proud of my ancient Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, and the 2.78 cumulative GPA I got while earning it. Today, the effort to get it would have brought me to a Masters, at least. So, maybe it’s not GRADE inflation we need to worry about, it’s DEGREE inflation.

  3. RN says:

    Yup, what I saw, too. Getting my Masters degree, I got almost straight As, and in at least one class I would likely have failed me had I been the teacher – but then, the teacher wasn’t really teaching much, as he was letting us try to figure things out by ourselves (which mostly didn’t work to well). The following quarter, another teacher explained most of what we were supposed to have learned earlier in about a half hour. I learned VASTLY more earning my BS in comp sci in the late 80’s, with only a 2.8 GPA. As a teacher now, there have been times I’ve had to accept lower quality work as passing than I’d have liked to, but that was because it is frowned upon to fail more than half a class in a required course. [Yes, one semester I DID let half of my bio students receive the failing grades they earned ; it would have been more, but I was a softy when it came to accepting late work].

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