SHOT Show 2011: THANK YOU Budweiser!

Coming back from Bass Pro Shops’ Media Day at the Range, I was hard-pressed to find an open plug to charge my iPhone. Budweiser saved the day!

Also the press room is someplace I would have loved to have the chance to work in this year had I been able to stay longer. Really well-done. In the back you can barely see the large working-press area with computers and tables available for organizing, writing and publishing stories. And you can’t see very well at all the racks of cubbies for the well-organized press materials. A good number of the cool items I saw I learned about first from the press kits in the cubbies, so that was a very good idea and much better executed than last year’s open tables. Kudos to Bill Brassard and crew for a classy and well-done press room!

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