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Congratulations Doctor

I accompanied the wife to her dissertation defense and she performed brilliantly. Dissertation approved pending minor edits, which is what we expected, and which also means she’s an Ed.D. in all respects except having the paper in hand, which will … Continue reading

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This is brilliant

The proper way to respond to overly touchy groups who don’t like your humor.

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Google is literally starting a war

South America Still Battling Over Google Maps Error Costa Rica accused Nicaragua of deploying troops inside its territory last month in a dredging operation around a island in the San Juan River that has been the source of friction for … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/15/10

It is a great analogy. When you go to the airport, you get two options: get your picture taken naked, or get your genitals groped. Now, the country is outraged. But, if they were to put those two options on … Continue reading

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I’m not dead yet!

Working on it though. Howdy all! Sorry for the reclusiveness, but I’m getting schooled. It seems I’ve fallen out of the blogoverse and landed on a planet called “Calculus”, which is covered in large graphs and grids, and am getting … Continue reading

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For those who may have missed it

There is a new Sherlock Holmes series out, titled simply “Sherlock”. Set in the current day, it is utterly fascinating and works so wonderfully well that I’m labeling it a “Must-See”. Unlike those other “Must-See” programs you’ve heard about, this … Continue reading

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The Fixer

The guy’s name is Max Hardberger. As you might guess, he’s awesome. Steals tankers and cargo ships back from pirates and the like. All in a day’s work, ho hum. Seriously, RTWT. h/t Samizdata.

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Long-Range Handgunning

Good article, primarily about 1000-yard sixgunning. Found after a google search for “Roger Clouser” inspired by this post and article linked at Western Rifle Shooters. If you’d like more in this vein, here’s a post I wrote after reading McGivern … Continue reading

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