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Support the NRA by Shopping at Amazon this Holiday Season

Here’s how: Whenever you plan to shop at Amazon.com (think Christmas, birthdays, graduations, etc.), you can support the NRA. There is NO INCREASE in the cost of your merchandise. All you have to do is go to the NRA homepage, … Continue reading

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The horror…. Click to embiggen. We really need to hurry up and file that Calguns court challenge to Cali’s AWB. That frikkin’ law is making Californians do awful things to perfectly happy bolt-action rifles just to get a Black Rifle … Continue reading

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More on stupid government spending

I could keep this up all year. Popehat has a bit on how Uncle Sugar wastes money creating an artificial demand & supply of US Cotton.

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That’s a Big Problem

Buried in Eric Cantor’s battle cry to newly-elected Republicans is this gem, which explains a lot about why the (R) political establishment is so terrified about what comes next. Fast Fact Over two-thirds of Republican voters believe the budget can … Continue reading

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I feel inadequate

that I still don’t know how to ride a motorcycle. Ah, well, that’s what the second 40 years of life are for, right? Life truly begins at 40, so I’ve heard. 🙂

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