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Government & Food

As a libertarian, I’m all about minimizing government involvement in private lives.  I accept that government exists for a reason, and that there are valid governmental responsibilities as spelled out in the constitution, & maybe even some above & beyond … Continue reading

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Dash Berlin

I’m on a Dash Berlin kick at the moment. “Waiting” is one of the best Vocal Trance tracks I’ve ever heard, and “Till the Sky Falls Down” is not far behind. Crank it and Enjoy.

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Holiday Road

We’re getting into my favorite time of year. We just had my favorite holiday close out October; now we gain that blissful hour of sleep back; soon we’ll be feasting and turning on the holiday lights we never took down. … Continue reading

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Sorry for the light posting in the last few days. I’ve got a bunch of posts waiting to go, but haven’t had the time to finish ’em. Remember that five-year battle with the IRS I won for my employer a … Continue reading

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