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My specialty pistols mentor Ernie Bishop revealed his latest creation the other day.

He got a question:

Someone contacted me off-line asked what was the small white piece of paper on the back of the stock, just above the grip.
It is a “D” and a “W”
D for drop and W for wind.
It is there to tell me/remind me where my true zero is, since there is no zero stop.
My 7mm SAUM XP is set-up the same way.

Rotational errors is something that happens to everyone after awhile.
This allows you to get back to your zero easily.

That’s a good idea; I think I’ll do that for my guns. As for the pistol itself, he says:

Chuck McIntosh of Mac’s Gunwork’s did all the work (307-689-2796) except fluting the barrel.

BAT action, Jewell trigger, Krieger 1-8 twist barrel, Mac brake, McRee pistol aluminum stock, Camo cerakote by Chuck.

Chambering is the 6.5 Leopard (270WSM Norma brass necked down-Not a tight neck).

Holland scope level.

H-1000, Fed 210M’s, 130 Bergers @ 3085 fps.

Shot this rig out to 1200 yards confirming drops-Shoots real nice!

Ernie (xphunter)
SEB Coaxial Front Rest – Dealer

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