Uncle Paul’s El Camino

Uncle Paul’s El Camino

My uncle Paul, the master builder in the family, and he who only takes head shots on his game animals — because he’s that good a shot! — is enjoying life nowadays. His time is his own, and he hunts, fishes, travels, and does pretty much whatever else he wants, including restoring cars for fun and profit. He’s not independently wealthy by any means, but he’s got a knack for collecting and restoring nice things that’s served him well.

Here’s an example: he restored this El Camino in his fully-kitted-out shop (he has a friggin’ lift in his garage — can you see me drooling?) and is taking it to some auction in Scottsdale I’ve never heard of, but you might have. It’s being broadcast today on the SPEED channel, so I guess it’s kind of a big deal.

Here’s the letter you get when your car’s slot is confirmed:

Here’s the auction listing with the details of the car and what was done to it.

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