Holland’s New Radial Muzzle Brake

Darrell Holland’s standard Quick Discharge brake is at bottom. The new Radial brake is at top. The difference is immediately apparent. My specialty pistols mentor Ernie says the Radial is the best he’s ever used. He says:

There are three clips in all. The first clip I am holding it normally, which is not real tight.
Clips 2 & 3 I am only holding it by two fingers, and at that, just tight enough for the trigger pull (extremely light hold).
This is close to a max load in my 7mm Dakota: 200 grain Wildcat Bullet, 75.0 grains of Retumbo=Muzzle Velocity of 2706 feet per second.
There were 4 or 5 guys around me when I was doing this. This was during Bartman Memorial Antelope hunt near Casper this year.
Video was taken with a camera that had video capability. resolution, isn’t the greatest.
I haven’t used every brake out there for sure, but this hands down beats anything I have ever used of mine or any other guns that were braked

Brake is Holland’s New Radial Muzzle Brake! thumbup

The videos below are about 15 seconds each. Watch all three. All three are amazing, especially if you’ve ever shot a specialty pistol and are familiar with the recoil “issue.” 🙂

This first one is with a normal grip on the pistol.

These next two are done with nothing more than a light two-finger hold on the pistol. Amazingly, this brake seems to eliminate torque, which is always an issue when shooting a powerful pistol like this.

Holland’s Gunsmithing is at 541-439-5155. I’m giving them a call next week.

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  2. emdfl says:

    Looks like a downsized version of the brake on my .50BMG rifle. I bought that gun about 15 years ago. Very efficient design.

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