Wisdom of Sam Adams

Free In Idaho has some memorable quotes to go with the annual Holiday beer sampler that just hit stores in my town.

I’ve never tried any Sam Adams other than the regular stuff, but this year I’m buying some to check it out. I might be able to snag some of the Octoberfest, too.

As you might guess, winter nights by the fireside are good beer-tasting nights for me. Any other good winter brews out there I should know about?

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3 Responses to Wisdom of Sam Adams

  1. Well, I know that at least one variety (assuming it still exists) gets mentioned in one of Denis Leary’s rants:

    “Cran. Berry. Ale. Cranberry, nut-crunch, f**kin’ ale! Let me tell you something folks, cranberries and beer should not go together. One is for bladder infections, one is for getting drunk!”

  2. Rivrdog says:

    Unless I’m brewing my famous Swedish Chocolate Stout, which my doc made me give up due to it’s unbelievable sugar content, the best winterbrew I know of is Deschutes Brewery’s (Bend, OR) Jubelale.


  3. Bob says:

    I don’t care for Sam Adams. To me it tastes sour.

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