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Buyin’ Guns — the Free Way

I’ve taken a bit of a different tack than most folks. I’m not buyin’ EBRs right now. I’m not saying you shouldn’t, and there are certainly many of my fellow Californians who are buying AR lower receivers (they were running … Continue reading

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Eye Candy

Autblog presents: The Sirens of SEMA Not that y’all need to be reminded that it’s humpday.

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No wonder the Germans liked him

Flippity. Floppity. As a candidate, Mr. Obama said the CIA’s interrogation program should adhere to the same rules that apply to the military, which would prohibit the use of techniques such as waterboarding. He has also said the program should … Continue reading

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Too Little, Too Late?

Quite possibly. There are far too many people who worship at the altar of FDR. Possibly more than the number who worship the Obamessiah. But we can at least get the word out now. It’s exciting that the world is … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/12/08

I was undergoing high-volume sonic therapy while reading the article linked in the post below, when this line made its way out of the speakers. Some world views are spacious, and some are merely spaced. Rush – Grand Designs All … Continue reading

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I “Hope” they keep this up

What is it with these freaks? According to Richard Kim, Associate Editor of The Nation Magazine, the no on 8 Campaign failed for three reasons. It was disorganized and slow to respond. It didn’t organize in communities of color soon enough. And … Continue reading

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