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I’m liking this one

Above is Jed of Freedomsight’s entry in the H-S Precision Photoshop Contest. Background on the contest is here.

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1000 Yards at Bisley, England

Cool set of pics from the venerable range. Lots of neat-looking black rifles, mostly bolties (but not all, heh-heh).

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Wisdom of Sam Adams

Free In Idaho has some memorable quotes to go with the annual Holiday beer sampler that just hit stores in my town. I’ve never tried any Sam Adams other than the regular stuff, but this year I’m buying some to … Continue reading

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Watchmen Trailer

You know, they could have really screwed this up. The touchstone IMO was Night Owl. Almost impossible to make Night Owl a serious character — too close to self-parody. But they seem to have got it right. Very exciting.

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Charlie Brown Watchmen

h/t: MRod.

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