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More Guns for Sale

I just stopped by my local gunshop to turn in the as-yet-unfired Rock Island .45 for warranty service. You may recall from this post that between last Friday and Monday of last week the shop had sold out of stripped … Continue reading

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Guns For Sale

The Packing Rat’s selling some stuff:

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New Terminology Alert!!!1!

“Global Warming” has been out of style for years. Then “Climate Change” took its place in what the eco-socialists hoped would be a smooth transition. Because while some places were getting warmer, some were cooling, and some were not changing … Continue reading

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I said it was a banner week

Let us just “Hope” it doesn’t turn into a banner month. I’d like to introduce you to Obama’s choice for US AG, Eric Holder It seems to me that we owe it to our children and to ourselves and to … Continue reading

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File this under

Things you know, but that Democrats do not New research shows that the cost of health insurance for a typical family increases about $100 per month when state governments limit price adjustments based on factors like age, health or risky … Continue reading

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It is all part of The Plan

Someone was listening (or possibly just following sound economic ideas). Mazda Motor Corp bought back 6.87-per-cent of its outstanding shares for 17.8 billion yen (184.26 million dollars) through off-hours trading at the Tokyo Stock Exchange Wednesday, it said. The Mazda … Continue reading

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