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You meet the nicest people

At the range AND at blogmeets. Good food, good conversation and nearly a dozen people CCW-ing within Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikoswke’s jurisdiction in protest to their ignorant wish to violate our rights. Ry has … Continue reading

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Head Up Ass

And fulls speed ahead. Last night at the Blogmeet I made mention that applications for CCW permits counted in per-week totals for people living within Seattle doubled between September and November, and then doubled that number again just last week. … Continue reading

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He didn’t get the message

In the past, I’ve noted that we should send Jamie Gorelick to Iran under the guise of being a nuke builder, because of her reverse-Midas touch. Obama wants to make her USAG Even putting aside her actions, the woman just … Continue reading

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I’d say that it’s just par for the course

Michael Duffy writes of surprise in the Sydney Morning Herald Last month I witnessed something shocking. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, was giving a talk at the University of NSW. The talk was accompanied by … Continue reading

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How could they forget the sickle?

I speak of the sketch attached to this David Sirota Op-Ed where he ridiculously states that Obama needs to “Govern Boldly”. I think this cartoon from Cagle speaks of Sirota’s epic moronosity quite well.

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