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I expected better

American Thinker puts up some of the best posts in the right-o-sphere on the regular. I don’t know how this one from Peter B. Martin got through to the front page Where has liberty of expression gone? Was it slain … Continue reading

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Expect to see more of this Newspeak

In the not too distant future Today, the sustainability challenges the planet faces are extraordinary and completely unprecedented. Business and the capital markets are best positioned to address these issues. And there are clearly higher expectations for businesses, and more … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/07/08

Thinking is difficult for them With 4.5 million members, MoveOn is now bigger than the NRA.  Maybe our leaders should think about that for a while. Jane Hamsher – FDL And because thinking is difficult for them, Ms. Hamsher doesn’t … Continue reading

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