How do people who have no power get to be bigots?

The canard among the pro-affirmative action race mongers is that “minorities” cannot be considered bigoted because they have no power (or they’re Asian).

In an Obama empowered moment of porcine aviation, that idea gets thrown under the bus by none other than Napoleon the Pig himself.

But for now, the flashpoint in the culture wars is gay rights, and I have to say, as wonderful as yesterday might’ve been, losing Prop 8 hit me hard. That California would vote for a black president with a margin of 61-37 and then shit on gays was horrifically disappointing.

This will be only the first of the disappointments the gay community will face under an Obama Administration. Anyone who was paying attention knew that McCain was the candidate they needed to have voted for. Instead they completed their textbook lemming maneuver and voted (D). Sadly for them, they’ll find out in short order that that just won’t do anymore.

Personally, if I were a Californian, I’d have probably bit down hard on that bullet of having to agree with SF Mayor Newsom on something and voted for Prop. 8. The Proposition doesn’t harm The Wife or myself in any way and going to the voters is the only proper way to approve the idea that government should get involved in something as abstract as love.

I’d much rather get the choice to approve the idea that government should stay out of the marriage business altogether, but that ain’t gonna happen in my lifetime. And that is exclusively because the folks who keep dragging this issue through the courts seem to want government approval of their choice and will settle for nothing less.

So gather round the May Pole, people of African descent, you’ve moved up in the world in more ways than one this week.

Y’all can be considered bigots now by those who deem themselves your betters.

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