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As you’ve probably noticed

I took the last week, in coordination with my vacation from work, off from political topics in the hopes that it would mellow me out a bit. Unfortunately, it seems that I couldn’t have made a more horrible mistake. You … Continue reading

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Up for a Meet

Local gunnie, the Gay Cynic, is thinking of a gathering for brunch in the not too distant future. I’ve said I’ll be there. How about the rest of you locals?

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RNS Quote of the Day: 09/02/08

With a twist. I want you to guess at who said it. I also want you to tell me what it means to you. You can find it easily enough with Google-Fu, but think about and answer those two questions … Continue reading

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It isn’t really a good idea

To attack your political opponent for taking money from folks who are also giving you wheelbarrows full of cash. Gregoire getting same donations that ads attack Rossi for The political contributions from drug and insurance companies that have become fodder … Continue reading

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Yet another reason to move to Texas

This is a county by county map of gas prices across America. I do wonder about how Missouri and South Carolina got to be so “green”. You can find out more at GasBuddy

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