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You are not as hated as you think

At least not by some Europeans. A few weeks back The Baron got folks’ feathers riled by showing them the Jeep 38 and telling them that Chrysler was becoming the automotive equivalent of Heckler & Koch. This may be true, … Continue reading

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In a snit

And you may ask yourself, just how anal retentive can Democrats get? The state Democratic Party filed suit today, asking that Secretary of State Sam Reed list Dino Rossi’s party preference as “Republican Party” on the general election ballot. When … Continue reading

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Just because they’re not as left-wing as he is

Doesn’t make them Republicans. Local bigwig leftist blogger, Goldy of HorsesAss.org decides that a tiarade is in order after the Seattle Times publishes an editorial telling (Barely) Governor Christine Gregoire that her ads about taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell research … Continue reading

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What voting for “Change” will get you

Found via DANEgerus. While I haven’t actually got this particular one yet, and while all the numbers are correct, this sounds like something that’d come in an chain email. George Bush has been in office for 7 1/2 years. The … Continue reading

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