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SOS Equipment

Instapundit reader, Fernando Colina, writes And in the good ole Houston, USA, in the aftermath of IKE, telephones, internet and cable TV were down, and cell phones were unreliable due the spike in traffic. The only means of communication that … Continue reading

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It’s not like she needed it or anything

Just under two years ago, a Thurston County middle school teacher was made to resign after she was found to have brought a firearm to school. The teacher had told both the school administration and the police that she had … Continue reading

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What do they not know about this

The left-wing hate blogs are going nuts the past 10 days with question like Why is the corporate media refusing to write stories about McCain’s sleazy Keating Five banking scandal? It is as though their computers are unable to access … Continue reading

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Only in California

Thankfully Motorists entering the quaint, woodsy town of Olema near the sea in Marin County may notice a subtle change as they enter: it appears the burg’s name has been changed to ”Obama.” Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama supporter and … Continue reading

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