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Presented Without Comment

Tactical Mosin-Nagant Originally uploaded by Ry Jones Tactical Mosin-Nagant found at Ry’s (click pic to go there).

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NRA’s New Anti-Obama Ads

I can’t wait for the black-and-white poodle “this dog won’t hunt either” flyers, myself, but here’s two good pokes at hopeychangey.

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Sad but True

From: Minister of the Treasury Paulson Subject: REQUEST FOR URGENT CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP Dear American: I need to ask you to support an urgent secret business relationship with a transfer of funds of great magnitude. I am Ministry of the … Continue reading

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Moving the furniture around a bit

As you have probably already noticed, things have been realigned here at RNS. I’d like to thank Craig at MTPolitics for taking some time to help me get some front page issues fixed. You’ll also notice on the side bar … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 09/22/08

You and I know this. Why do followers of the Obamessiah have such trouble understanding it? There are two ways to reduce the connection between politicians and money. One is to reduce the role of money. The other is to … Continue reading

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Have I gone insane?

Leftist blogs are still carrying on in their Rapture. Even this morning they are carrying on about how McCain is still proud of his vote for deregulation. Likewise, they are wailing to anyone who will listen about Lindsey Graham. I … Continue reading

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And I thought gunnies had it bad

Those anti-traffic camera folks have just about as bad a luck Police in Scottsdale, Arizona are continuing to crack down on those who disagree with the city’s photo enforcement policies. Jason Shelton, 36, was arrested yesterday at around 6pm while … Continue reading

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A Difference

There is The Nanny State, and then there is The Panty State. Do not confuse the two. Women who have taken too many “Women’s Studies” course and feel that they need to call themselves “Feminists” don’t like the latter one. … Continue reading

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You don’t say

Jeff at Alphecca points to an article where the reporter must have missed the meaning of the words “Gun Show” Among the assault rifles and razor-sharp throwing stars for sale at a recent Freeman Coliseum gun show, fierce loyalty to … Continue reading

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Update to the Washington State Lead Ban

Gunpundit got a comment from Kathy Davis, head of the Washington State Department of Ecology Lead CAP (Chemical Action Plan), and she stated Ecology’s plan does NOT recommend any new ban on lead ammunition. The agency wants to reduce lead … Continue reading

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