Update to the Washington State Lead Ban

Gunpundit got a comment from Kathy Davis, head of the Washington State Department of Ecology Lead CAP (Chemical Action Plan), and she stated

Ecology’s plan does NOT recommend any new ban on lead ammunition. The agency wants to reduce lead in the environment to protect the health of people, and wildlife. The plan proposes working with hunters and shooters on a voluntary, educational program to promote the use of non-toxic alternatives to lead. Read the lead plan and our fact sheet about how the plan address ammunition on Ecology’s webpage.

That would be here (in .pdf form)

Now, like Murdoc, I am skeptical of the end goal of this CAP. None of the examples named in the .pdf file had an outcome that would be considered “favorable” for gunnies.

Which is why I urge you all to contact your the government officials involved in this and your elected representatives to try and get us another meeting where we can at least get a verbal promise, and hopefully one in writing as well, that this will not turn into a ban on lead projectiles.

If they can do it in Olympia, they’ll try to do it in Sacramento, Salem, Boise, Helena, Cheyenne, Denver, Carson City and Phoenix.

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