I’m Shocked

At the seeming surprise being shown around the gun-blogosphere at the Liberal party in Canada’s begging re-election ploy to confiscate handguns via their very convenient list from the firearms registry debacle.

I don’t mean to sound snotty or smug, but we both knew it would happen. We both said so in our various writings at blogs or boards. Why is everyone acting so surprised? The registry has been around for five years now, the perfect incubation time for registration to explode out of the pupa and become full fledged confiscation.

Our mission as Americans has now changed from deriding and showing the fruitlessness of such gun control schemes as the registry to helping our liberty loving Canadian neighbors fight that party and their plans to assist Canadian criminals find unarmed victims to attack.

If we fail in that, we have to be seriously willing to help the good people of the Great White North immigrate to America. That includes food, shelter and jobs.

I would be willing to just skip the fighting of the Liberal party portion in order to get more gunnies in the US, but we cannot resist a chance to win this fight.

But if it does come down to underground railroading folks south of the border, I intend to make RNS a central location for hooking folks up.

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  1. Mugwug says:

    It pains me that this step was taken by the politicos. It embarasses me that I failed to see it coming so soon. It shames me that I was a relative moderate arguing against those in the firearms community that warned about this very thing. It hurts me that my love for my country is waning under the perpetual encroachment of a “nanny state”.

    That said the fight is not yet over.

  2. Rivrdog says:

    One slight correction, AK. The Canadians have registered handguns for 60 years, long guns for five.

    That doesn’t change anything in your fine post, but I thought I’d point it out.

    In my twin-post on the subject, I made the point that this is all so veddy, veddy, BRITISH.

    And so shall be their reward of high crime rates.

    But Molson Brewing must have cheered, as they noted the surge in beer sales as all the crooks toasted THEIR new era of opportunity.

    All this may eventually turn in our favor, though.

    Out in the Prairie Provinces, the Liberals and all of their Socialist claptrap are hated with a purple passion. This could be the straw that broke Canada’s back, as it will surely engender some talk of secession again, only this time, it won’t be Quebec trying to become a province of France, it will be Manitoba and Alberta and Saskatchewan trying to become part of the USA.

    Those three provinces have the most stout-hearted and stout-spined folk of all Canada, and they have huge resources in arable land, water and natural gas. They would be enthusiastically welcomed as the 51, 52 and 53 States of the Union.

    If they jumped ship, Canada would be left with it’s Socialist parts on each coast, British Columbia, which could probably feed itself, and the Quebecois, Ontarians and the Maritimers, which probably couldn’t. The wild card is the territories above 60 North. They don’t generate much income, a few petrodollars, some mining, but they don’t have much population to support, either, so are “cheap to keep”. The trouble is, they are used to being “kept”, so their small populations probably couldn’t be counted on to support the Prairie Provinces in their move.

    I could see this happening in the next 20 years. If it wasn’t for the agri and petro dollars of the Prairie Provinces, it would have happened years ago.

    Any thoughts, MugWug? Or maybe a Canadian citizen is forbidden by the Liberal Government from commenting on such secessionist dreams, like all Canadians were during the Gomery Inquiry.

  3. Mugwug says:


    Your absolutely right about the handgun registry, althought it’s slightly deceptive. Handguns have been registered for 60 years, but not in the easy to access centralized form that we now have in the Firearms Registry.

    Gotta love efficiency.

    As for seperation. I’ve no want to see any part of my country break off from the rest. I doubt this will tear it, Quebec has been threatening the rest of Canada with seperation for just over 100 years, seems these things take time.

    I suspect that the reason the new plan was implemented in the form that it was (as an amendment to the federal criminal code, giving the provinces the “option” to implement it) was a concession specifically for the prairie provinces, they’re still resisting the registry for the most part, and this gives them the opportunity to ignore this most recent spat of stupidity altogether (at least until the feds feel comfortable enough to make it madatory Canada-Wide).

    My impression is that there will be no split. This issue won’t do it, and the seperatist groups in each province are noisy, but not particularly large.

    A shame really…

    “..Forbidden by the liberal government from commenting on sucessionist dreams..”

    Well shit, if they’re gonna make me a criminal anyway, might as well have my say on the matter. No?

  4. Rivrdog says:

    Well Mugwug, your points are well taken. I’m a frequent visitor to BC, but I don’t know Canadian politics from jack.

    BTW, if that Garand with the Nightforce on it that’s in your blog graphic is real, and you can shoot it well, you could probably account for about 25% of the Defense Forces that come to get you (that would be a thin squad, eh?).

    Is it really true that Martin raped the CDF budget to pay for the huge cost of the registration scheme?

  5. Mugwug says:

    Hehe, I’m a Canadian and I don’t know Canadian politics from Jack.

    Yep, the title graphic of my blog is a range picture of my Norinco M1A, it shares the cabinet with two proper M1s, a ’42 Springfield and a Breda M1 I rebarrelled in .308WIN.

    Considered “unrestricted weapons” under the current laws these are the likely the last firearms that will be taken from me if we subscribe to the “incrementalism” you’ve mentioned before.

    As for what will happen to those that come to take them away, only time will tell.

    As for Martin raping the CF budget to pay for the firearms registry, no. I don’t recall a direct link between the liberals starvation of our military and the money spent on the firearms registry. According to a friend I have in the forces this trend has ended, and they’re once again spending some money on our troops, but who knows how long that will last.

    That said we’re up to about $2 billion that could have been better spent on almost anything. You know, frivilous expenditures like police officers, border security, customs officers, social programs. I guess $2 billion just doesn’t go as far as it used to.

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