VPC: Epic Fail

#5, meet #50.

I don’t know that congratulations are quite in order, but good on ya, North Dakota!

North Dakota may end 2008 with the lowest number of murders in at least 30 years, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem says.

Stenehjem said North Dakota has averaged about 11 homicides annually for the past several years, after a high of 22 in 1993. He said 16 homicides were reported last year, but only two so far this year.

Homicide and other violent crime statistics have been kept since 1978, he said.

“It’s always good when we’re down, but these numbers can be roller coasters,” Stenehjem said. “Still, two is way better than the 16 we had last year.”

My math skills suck, but I’m seeing a nearly 88% decrease in ND’s homicide stats. Anyone with better skills, feel free to correct me.

Now let Rob at the SayAnything blog tell you why this is even more significant than that

Now keep in mind that North Dakota is one of the top gun-owning states in the nation. According to this Washington Post poll, North Dakota ranks 5th in the nation in gun ownership rates with over 50% of residents having a gun in their household. That’s a higher gun ownership percentage than Texas. By far. And North Dakota has some of the most lax gun control laws in the nation as well.

According to the logic used by the gun control nuts, North Dakota should be ripe with murder and armed robbery. But we’re not.

Thanks you Rob. And again, good on ya ND!

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