RNS Quote of the Day: 11/17/08

On Saturday night, The Wife and I were storming some ideas in relation to a big project we have coming up.

We were at the dining room table eating homemade pizza. She was having a Coke and I was drinking a 20oz Boont Amber Ale, which was putting me well on my way to decent beerbuzzinski (yes, it’s a word. google it!).

Oddly enough, the solutions for the three most difficult problems came up clear as a bell one right after the other from my mildly slowed mind. When the 20 was emptied, she noted

You should go and get another beer. It’s like brainjuice.

The Wife

Yet another reason why I married her.

The Amber is only 5.8%. I can’t wait until I try out their Brother David’s Double and Triple Abbey’s to see what kind of ideas I get. Though, if I remember correctly, Port Brewing’s Old Viscosity Ale and Santa’s Little Helper Imperial Stout only made me feel smarter.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    I once brewed a Swedish Chocolate Stout that bumped the specific gravity gage at 9.0. One half-lite bottle and you weren’t just buzzed, you were BOMBED.

    The stout was delicious. Women loved it for the chocolate overtone.

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