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In relation

To the QotD (Part 2) just below Fred Thompson on the latest HillaryCare idea Said with exactly the right amount of vigor and humor.

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RNS Quote of the Day: 09/20/07 (Part 2)

Its funny because its true It feels like 1994 again. Hillary Clinton is offering a health care plan, O.J. is in trouble with the law, and the Democrats are trying to raise taxes. Terry Keenan – Fox News Anchor

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The Zombocalypse has arrived

Found this story at Instapundit the other day A fireball fell from the sky and slammed into southern Peru over the weekend, creating a huge crater that emitted a sickeningly smelly gas, local authorities said. More than 600 villagers fell … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 09/20/07

From the Reagan Diaries: Saturday, July 18 [2001]: Sens. Baker & Dole, Dave Stockman, Max, Mike D., Ed Meese & Dick Darman came up to the study. It seems Jim Wright is playing games. On the House floor he introduced … Continue reading

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The Man Who Could Do No Wrong

In the eyes of the left, at least. Hugo Chavez is ending education in Venezuela, in favor of indoctrination. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has threatened the country’s private schools with closure unless they adopt the government’s socialist ideology. Mr Chavez … Continue reading

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