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Still on the hunt

Went and looked at a Commanche pickup yesterday and found to my dismay that they too are a bit short of leg room. Goona try out one of these in the near future (tomorrow or Thursday) No four-door Cherokees for … Continue reading

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Fred on Taxes

Sort of a “Duh!” statement. Nothing definitive. But at least it isn’t the standard Democrat answer of “Tax the Rich!”

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Rocky Spencer

To y’all who don’t live in western Washington, you’ve probably never heard that name. Rocky Spencer was a Wildlife Biologist with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. He was the first person to ever earn the title “Carnivore … Continue reading

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Everyone has a teacher to thank for something

Maybe soon, gunnies will have two A high-school teacher in Medford, Ore., is suing for the right to carry a Glock to school. Her ex-husband, she said, has threatened her life. She’s already done what the experts advise: had him … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 08/18/2007

From the Reagan Diaries: Friday, July 24 [1981]: Met with Congressmen who want the “Legal Assistance Program” continued. We have proposed reducing it. We don’t object indeed we support legal aid for people too poor to hire a lawyer when … Continue reading

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