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RNS Quote of the Day, 09/17/2007

From a ROTFLMAO thread on Calguns, an example of really really bad lawyering by the enemy in the DC gun law case (Heller/Parker): This was not a mistake in the classic sense…. It was a lack of imagining the possible. … Continue reading

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I suppose I should explain my absence

Well, let’s see: After last week’s work fiasco (the boss-lady fired another one, and then yet another one left sick on Tuesday for the rest of the week with some sort of strep-throat crap, making an office that usually runs … Continue reading

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Ultimate Handgun Cartridge?

No, this isn’t the old 9mm vs. .45 ACP topic that’s been beaten to death. One of my instructors from the Bower Shooting Clinic has an excellent article about his quest for a handgun cartridge that would allow him to … Continue reading

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Pirates, Jihadis & LNG

That’s Liquefied Natural Gas. A while back I posted about the possibility of tankers full of refined gasoline starting to clutter our waterways, and in the comments Rivrdog pointed out that LNG tankers are already there. Well, there’s a pretty … Continue reading

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