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It gets truer all the time

One of my co-workers sent me this, knowing I’d like it. I think you’ll like it too.

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Getting It

The Geek w/a 45 helps an immigrant see exactly WHAT sets America apart from the rest. It should bring tears to your eyes every time they discover it.

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How about ‘Kiss My Ass!’ This guy has some big brass ones, Stating that the United Nations needs “nothing less than a transformation,” the organization’s chief of staff, Mark Malloch Brown, told Congress yesterday that reform could be achieved only … Continue reading

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It isn’t only the kids who are learning

So are some of the adults. From an article found at the FreeWillBlog California’s charter schools are more likely to meet their academic goals than traditional public schools, according to a study released Wednesday.The study used scores from California’s Academic … Continue reading

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Open Invite

To all Pacific NW bloggers, blog readers and lurkers. This Saturday the 28th of May, there will be a Bowling Pin Shoot happening at the Central Whidby Sportsman’s Association. You are welcome to join myself and Mr. Completely (aka Mike … Continue reading

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Much Funny

From Brits in the Sandbox. Go watch and see. Found at Knowledge is Power

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Shooting the Messenger

Or at least trying to intimidate him. SEATTLE (AP) — Students from area universities, colleges and high schools rallied Monday outside a military recruiting station downtown, pounding on windows and demanding an end to U.S. operations in Iraq. Protests also … Continue reading

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Veddy Inta-restink

Tomorrow’s news today; Former PM Reveals Secret Service Data on Birth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq The number two of the al-Qaeda network, Ayman al-Zawahiri, visited Iraq under a false name in September 1999 to take part in the ninth Popular … Continue reading

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Keeping the dogs in line

The leader of the Klueless Kos Klan sees the ‘Compromise’ on judicial positions as a defeat for Democrats, but not because three of Bush’s nominees will, more than likely, be confirmed. He sees it as the Republicans controlling the ‘Democrat … Continue reading

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On a personal note

While the posts below may indicate that I am in a fowl mood, in general, I am not. You see, it is 0630 PST here and I just got done grilling up some BeerBrauts after work. My neighbors going to … Continue reading

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