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On a personal note

While the posts below may indicate that I am in a fowl mood, in general, I am not. You see, it is 0630 PST here and I just got done grilling up some BeerBrauts after work. My neighbors going to … Continue reading

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Nuclear Bombed

Well, it looks like the Republican’s “Consti-Nucle-Brydâ€? option went ‘FIZZ’ yesterday. Many thanks in the form of my middle finger go to Jackass-in-Chief and serial pussy-footer, John McCain. In case you missed it, here’s the deal: For their part, Republicans … Continue reading

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To the American Mainstream, Keith Thompson Nightfall, Jan. 30. Eight-million Iraqi voters have finished risking their lives to endorse freedom and defy fascism. Three things happen in rapid succession. The right cheers. The left demurs. I walk away from a … Continue reading

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A Continuation

Of the “Never let a picture of yourself get posted on the internetâ€? memo. Super-duper drink warning in effect from that link forward. Link is totally Safe For Work. That is, unless your boss gets angry at the sound of … Continue reading

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For the “Howard Dean is a stupid monkey who gets confused easily� meme to come out from the Dems. DNC Chairman Howard Dean, on Meet the Press 05/22/05:

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They’re a little late

Doncha think? A week and a half ago, the CATO Institute released a story about 450 highly respected economists, a list including several Nobel Laureates, who support the option of private Social Security accounts. Thanks CATO, we could have used … Continue reading

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