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Security Not Provided By Smith & Wesson

Although, I’m thinking that the criminal would have preferred that it was. Car Thief Picked The Wrong Car To Steal The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office says the owner of a Camaro and his roommate put a would-be car thief in … Continue reading

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The Gallows for Galloway

But hanging is too good for him. Galloway was given Iraq oil allocations, says Senate report Actually, I’d settle for dropping him off in Mosul and see what the Iraqis do to him.

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You might want to bring tissue

Kevin at The Smallest Minority has a tale that is a real tear jerker. Did You Ever See Moscow on the Hudson?. The scene where Robin Williams’ expatriate Russian character goes to a New York grocery store for the very … Continue reading

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The Delusional Underground

If you didn’t see this poll from the DUMB at LGF yesterday, go take a look now. (Throwable Object Removal Alert is in full effect)

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