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A couple of quick reminders

First up, if you live in the western Washington area and can get to a television and then an ISP this evening at 1900, please email me as to how the Evening Magazine segment on Boomershoot went. Or use this … Continue reading

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More Boomershoot Pics

My Boomershooting partner, David (now an official RNS contributor), has sent me pics he took at Boomershoot. All pics supersize. Here is Boomershoot instructor Virgil, attempting to hit boomers at 380 yards with the Baron du Toit’s Swedish Mauser, Pricess … Continue reading

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In a sign of the coming apocalypse

Yoko Ono addressed the UN on the subject of nuclear proliferation. I am so shocked into disbelief that all I can do is agree with DANE: “How serious can the UN be about anything if they let Yoko speak on … Continue reading

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We all knew it would come to this

When the idea that there was such a thing as a “Hate Crimeâ€? became law. Faked hate crimes are happening regularly enough that La Shawn Barber is going to be tracking faked hate crimes at her corner’s FakeHate.com. Oliver Willis … Continue reading

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Double Digits

Chad of Dogtulosba Inc. combines his 10th jump with some forestry. Congrats man. Sorry to hear about the hardwood, but it had to happen sometime.

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I’m not even a Texan

And this pisses me off. The Alamo a Symbol of Slavery? A claim on the children’s cable TV outlet Nickelodeon that the 1836 Battle of the Alamo was fought so ‘white farmers could keep their slaves’ has sparked controversy and … Continue reading

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