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New Links

First up, RNS reader Mike G. has started a blog, titled ‘Mr. Completely’, for the mindless hell of it (his words, but I agree). You may remember Mike as the gentleman whom I accompanied to the bowling pin shoot last … Continue reading

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Hot Damn!

Kirk of the FunTurnsToTragedyBlog got his rifle build-up and Boomershoot tale published at SavageShooter.Com over the weekend. Head on over there and read up. On a side note: Yes there are typos. They published the first draft without corrections. Read … Continue reading

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Stupid Left Wing Websites

50 Caliber Terror I cannot even begin to describe just how ignorant this website and the people who believe in this fallacy are. Just go look and try not to laugh to damn hard. You might disturb your co-workers/family members. … Continue reading

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Penises Deemed Unwanted

At Roger Williams University Vinny at Insignificant Thoughts posted this story a while back and I lost it in my links file. Read up. College administrators have been enthusiastic supporters Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues and schools across the … Continue reading

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The Last Desperate Act of Democrats

This needs to be changed, Under changes to the federal Voting Rights Act that date to the mid-1970s, election materials must be made available in other languages under specified circumstances. The law says that a “language minority” population must equal … Continue reading

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Loudmouth VS Knownothing

Apparently, Rush Limbaugh (Occupation: Demagogue) made a blanket statement about the students at Evanston Township High School not knowing who Hitler was due to their school’s curriculum focusing heavily on multi-culturalism. Now, I don’t listen to Limbaugh for reasons of … Continue reading

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Clinton News Network

Even I scoff a bit when CNN is regarded as the Clinton News Network. Yeah sure, they kissed his ass and yeah sure they could be (should be?) considered accessories after the fact because of their silence about known atrocities … Continue reading

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